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Birdwing Independent School

Since it’s inception in 2009, the main aim of BIS has always been to provide an opportunity for children to follow a challenging and suitable curriculum allowing them to enter into any school system internationally while at the same time be prepared to sit the PNG Grade 8 Certificate of Basic Education.

Our focus is on the needs of the individual child. To achieve this outcome the class sizes are small. Each class also has a teaching assistant giving a staff-student ratio of 1:10. With such small class sizes and an individual child focus, each child can progress at their own rate. This level of opportunity is only possible with well-resourced classrooms, experienced staff and small class sizes. All classrooms are air-conditioned giving students a comfortable learning environment.

BIS uses the PNG Curriculum as it’s base programme with good resources to aid learning. In addition there is reinforcement and additional diagnostic testing in the core skills of literacy and numeracy. Additional material for the younger students comes from the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar programmes for which Birdwing PNG is the official supplier in PNG. We expect our graduates to be self-motivated learners who have developed strong self-learning skills and have a strong grasp of core skills, so the children are confident and prepared to enter a state or private school anywhere in the world.

BIS is an “inclusive” school and is open to all children including children with disability. Where necessary, additional staff can be made available to assist.

Excursions to sites of interest are also offered. Parents are encouraged to take an active involvement with the school and are always welcome in the classrooms. This provides a strong support to their child’s academic growth and development.

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Creative Services

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