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Much of our publishing work is on a contractual basis with private enterprise, NGO’s and Government bodies.
Apart from complete publishing jobs we are willing and able to provide services related to publishing for clients who only require assistance for some of the many steps involved in bringing a publication to completion, for example illustration, translation or editing.

We regularly negotiate schedules of work with clients to minimise their costs by maximising the value of their own contribution towards the project.

Check out the list of publishing services we offer and if you have special needs do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the options available to you.

Publishing Products

When the word ‘publishing’ is mentioned many people think first about books, but there are many other things that fall into this category. Look at the list of products we can offer, and if you have other ideas contact us to examine the possibilities.

Print Media

Paper products such as flyers, brochures, pamphlets, posters, calendars, tickets, business cards, letterheads and envelopes; the possibilities are endless. We can also print on other materials such as plastic, material or metal including a huge variety of promotional items (see Birdwing Marketing). We can take camera ready art and print any quantity at very economical prices (see Birdwing Printing) or you can use our professional design service to create exactly the right image for you.

Digital Media

We are able to provide CD and DVD versions of traditional material for use on personal computers or as print ready files, and audio visual presentations in any format.

Publishing Services

We offer you a lot more than just publishing. We treat each client as a valued customer. We are able to spend the time to discover your individual needs and discuss how to obtain the best possible result – some clients prefer to carry out some of the functions themselves, others rely on our professional and talented staff to take the job from concept through to delivery.


We have a number of experienced writers able to produce text for a broad range of material. Some of our clients come with little more than a topic outline and we work with them to produce a manuscript that satisfies their needs, and this may include us carrying out appropriate research. Other clients come to us with text in various states of completion, and this is not a problem. We are also able to offer rewriting services where the original is in need of major revision.


Tok Pisin is the most commonly spoken language in the country which means that if you have a message you wish to get out to the widest audience you should provide it in Tok Pisin. We are able to provide quality translations, including technical material; indeed we have just completed collaboration with Oxford University Press to write an updated English – Tok Pisin Dictionary.

We also offer translations into Motu and can arrange translations into any of the written languages of the country.
Another service we offer is the rewriting of technical material into simple English, suitable for those with limited vocabulary, this is in fact often an initial step prior to translation into any of the local languages.


We offer full editing services to all our clients, from subject specific content editing to quality controlled copy edits.

Conceptual Design

This important function is often overlooked in any publication but good design is the difference between a printed item which stands out and is noticed and one which is ignored. When required the Publications Manager will call a full design meeting involving the client manager, writer, editor, illustrator and layout artist before providing a design concept to the client for approval.


The Birdwing studio employ a team of well known indigenous artists, many of whom have increasing reputations as artists of merit. Illustrations can be provided in any style from comic to architectural; and we are currently illustrating several works for overseas publishers.


We can commission a freelance photographer, use our in-house photograph service, select images from our photographic library, or use a client’s own photographs; whichever option is most suitable for a client’s needs, and their budget, we will ensure that the selection and reproduction is kept to the highest standard possible.


A strong education background ensures we design with the intended audience in mind, the employment of high calibre layout artists and thorough proof reading means we produce work of the highest standard, and the use of strong images and just the right amount of colour combine to produce a high quality publication which gets the message across.


We use only printers that we can guarantee in terms of quality, price and delivery time.
By channelling our work through a small number of preferred specialists we are able to provide accurate delivery times, h