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Promotional Supplies

Many companies in Papua New Guinea are increasingly aware of the benefits of distributing promotional items as part of their marketing campaign. Promos can be used to great benefit on numerous occasions ranging from corporate gifts at year end, to sales aids, to branded advertising gimmicks.

While everyone is accustomed to seeing t-shirts and caps showing advertising messages, the range of items that can be printed with a company logo or slogan is almost limitless and our Promo staff will enthusiastically source just the right item for your campaign.

Exhibition stands, roll-up or hanging banners, flags or bunting and life size cut-outs are some of the short run items that can also be designed and supplied by Birdwing Promos.

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Creative Services

BirdWing is delighted to offer the following creative services to distinguish your product from your competitors or simply to assist you take that great idea from conception to finished product.



If you are after a paper product we are the people to see.

Flyers, posters, pamphlets, calendars, business cards, paper based games, letterheads and envelopes, flip charts….. You name it we can assist.