Papua New Guinea's Premier Publishing House

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Phone: 321 6665


Birdwing is passionate about books.

We focus on publishing appealing books about PNG for the children of PNG.

Our library of books now extends beyond thirty publications and our books are found in schools and homes across the country.

In addition, we offer publishing services for approved manuscripts and encourage budding Papua New Guinean authors to submit their manuscripts for assessment and feedback.


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Our stable of authors include:

  • Miriam Mantu
  • Hellen White
  • Jeffrey Feeger

Creative Services

BirdWing is delighted to offer the following creative services to distinguish your product from your competitors or simply to assist you take that great idea from conception to finished product.



If you are after a paper product we are the people to see.

Flyers, posters, pamphlets, calendars, business cards, paper based games, letterheads and envelopes, flip charts….. You name it we can assist.